The Gluten Free Bakery (Vin Chet)

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Vin-Chet LabelVin Chet is a name that’s been around Buffalo for years and years, but Vin Chet became The Gluten Free Bakery at its location at 2178 Kensington in Amherst. The entire store is ONLY gluten free baked goods. They also supply several area restaurants with their products (like the Broadway Deli in Lancaster) and Dash’s markets also carry their baked goods (ask your local Dash’s what day they are delivered though – they fly off the shelves).

I’ve been buying baked goods from The Gluten Free Bakery for months now. I encourage you to visit their web site and check out their list of products for yourself. These are the items I give a high rating to:

– sub rolls

– Kaiser rolls (not listed on the site yet, but they have them)

– hot dog rolls

– Italian bread

– premade pizza crusts

– peanut butter squares

– chocolate chip cookies

– coffee cakes

They also make nice assorted boxes of Christmas cookies in December.

I do not care for their donuts, which is a disappointment. Their muffins are made with the same batter as the coffee cakes I think, but somehow they are drier and not as good.  I would love to see more variety, some whole grain products, and for them to offer some products that are not all basically made with the same recipe, but despite this, I rate their products much higher than what I can get at the supermarket.

For your first visit, stop in and buy a few items. Once you get a sense of what you like, it’s a good idea to place an order with them since they tend not to have everything in stock every day. I usually email them my order and tell them when I want to pick it up. Sign up for their email newsletter on their site and they will send you coupons.

ALWAYS heat or toast any rolls or bread product for a much better taste and texture.


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