Gianni Mazia’s GF Pizza

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MaziasPizza3When I was first diagnosed with gluten sensitivity, I mourned all the things I could never have. Take out pizza was on the list. Soon research revealed there is a growing list of places in WNY where you can get GF pizza. I’m still looking for one that holds a candle to regular gluten pizza however.

Gianni Mazia’s is the closest pizza place to my house, so it’s the obvious place to order from. We’ve tried the regular (red sauce) GF pizza and recently we decided to try a white GF pizza.

There were some glitches. We were told white pizza comes with an oil and garlic sauce, tomatoes, onions, and mushrooms (and cheese). We said no onions and added chicken, spinach and broccoli. Our pizza arrived without tomato or mushroom.

Mazia’s GF pizza comes on an aluminum sheet and only comes in medium. Their GF pizza is the same crust as I’ve gotten at other local places (like Rocco’s on Transit): same aluminum pan, same crust. I’m willing to bet they’re all buying the crust from the same supplier. It’s thin, cardboard-like and lacks any flavor or decent texture. We only order it when completely desperate at this point since it always disappoints us.

Mazia’s digital sign had been advertising GF ravioli. We tried to order that and were told they don’t have it anymore.

The quest for really good local GF pizza continues.

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